Jumat, 14 Februari 2014


After Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was released in 2009, Columbia Pictures released the 2nd sequel of this movie entitled Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 in 2013. This movie directed by Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn tells about Flint Lockwood (Bill Harder) as the inventor of Food Machine that is joined with Chester V Live Corp Company. He is really happy because he can join there and be the real inventor. Firstly he does not know that Chester V just wants to exploit his invention. After Chester V asked the all people in Flint Lockwood’s island, he moved them away to San Franjose. He said that they have to temporarily be relocated there because he is asked by PBB to clean up that island. Flint and the all people move to San Franjose, and he works at Live Corp. Flint left his intention, a food machine namely FLDSMDFR. Chester V wants to steal the program of FLDSMDFR, so that’s why he asks Flint Lockwood to move the program into his BS-USB. He said if Flint is successful to take it, he will be the world’s savior. Flint goes to that island with his friends to turn off the FLDSMDFR and takes the program of that food machine. His friends are suspicious because they think that Chester V is cruel with the living creatures there. Finally they find out that Chester V’s request should be ended. This movie gives the good lesson or moral value. It shows that we should be aware and look after the all creatures in this world, because if we are kind to them, they also will be kind to us. This movie teases the fact that our world now on is like the dying world. No one takes care the world and its substance. We will see in that movie the environment is so prosperous because they live together with the all creatures well.
          This animated movie according to imdb.com only has the lower rating than the first sequel. The title of this movie does not match with the story. Even though this movie still talks about the food, but this title only match with the first sequel. The genre of this movie is Humorous Animation movie for family. This movie shows the funny scenes only in some parts. This movie is too serious to be included in that genre. The viewer will forget to laugh, because they will be impressed by the cinematography of this movie. If it’s real, it is totally like a heaven. This movie is good in some aspects, for example the character design, sound effect, and voice acting. You who really love Anna Faris will hear her sexy voice in this movie because she is a duber of Sam Sparks. You need to watch this movie to see how pretty the island is! (Oci)